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E22 Power, Peace, Purpose with Rabbi Elimelech Goldburg

Directly from the kids, the purpose in their pain is to teach the world.

1 year ago

Each and every one of us has experienced challenges that are unfair, and seemingly insurmountable, sometimes leaving us to question the purpose that this pain is playing in our lives. We may ask, "why me?", feeling defeated by our tribulations, looking for a way out of the darkness. The children of Kids Kicking Cancer have a bit of a different idea.

We sat down with Rabbi Elimelech Goldburg, "Rabbi G", ( a black belt Rabbi and founder of Kicks Kicking Cancer, to hear about how children experiencing pediatric illness and cancer are our true teachers. It is truly an inspiration to listen to Rabbi G describe how the children with the toughest feats face them with a smile on their face, and literally, a breath of fresh air.

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Shmuel Fischler LCSW-C

Mental health is everywhere. Period. The human experience; work, hobbies, interests, entertainment, challenges, relationships etc. is unique and seen through our own individual 'lenses'. Take a journey through these experiences together with a mental health professional (me!), his dry wit, and guests from across the landscape of everyday life he convinced to join him as they have candid conversations- all through the lens of mental health. Almost like you do...but recorded. No corn or dads were harmed during production. Obvious statement: Listening to this podcast, while meaningful and entertaining, does not come close to replacing professional support. Please feel encouraged to seek proper care if you are struggling. Please do not take us super seriously...we don't :) We can always be reached at