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E37 Keeping Cool in Crisis with Avi Tenenbaum, MA, CASAP, EMT, Sgt.

Have you ever wondered what fuels the fire in the heart of individuals who run towards crisis and disaster, whether it be man-made crisis or natural disaster? Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'm going through the worst of it right now, how do people make it out of these things unscathed"? Have you ever wanted to know more about crisis response and how to mitigate the onset of long-lasting trauma? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are in for a treat!

This month, we hosted Avi Tenenbaum, MA, CASAP, EMT, Sgt., an expert in Disaster Behavioral Health and Psychological First Aid. Avi provides international training to mental health & medical professionals, first responders, and the general public in psychological disaster response and grief leadership.

His experience includes providing aid for people coping in the wake of numerous large-scale disasters and wars including the Second Lebanon War, Hurricane Harvey, Pittsburg Tree-of-Life Massacre, Haifa 2016 Fires, Covid-19, Operation Cast-Lead, Meron Civil Disaster, Karlin Bleacher Collapse, Operation Guardian of the Walls, and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, as well as over 2000 small-scale tragedies in the role as a psychological first aid provider, trainer, & supervisor.

Learn more about him & his work at

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E36 Why do YOU eat? with Dr. Ilana Levin

Food is one thing that is ever present in our lives. From birthday and holiday celebrations to meals with friends we haven't seen in years, food can bring us together and bring us joy. But what happens when we put too much thought into what goes into our bodies? For this episode, we were joined by Dr. Ilana Levin of Wildflower Therapy to have a candid conversation all about eating.

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E35 Getting Your Ish Together with Dr. Nachi Felt

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you can't focus on the task at hand? Maybe it's the ten minute task of filing your taxes, but the latest TikTok trends have you scrolling your For You Page for hours. Or maybe it's that homework that you know will only take you a few moments to crank out and submit, but your brain is wandering to what you're going to wear to the Barbie movie this weekend. If this has ever happened to you (I think it's happened to all of us at least once), then this episode is for you.

This week we sat down with Dr. Nachi Felt, a psychologist who specializes in ADHD and is a current professor at Columbia University. If these topics interest you and you'd like to learn more, and possibly connect with Dr. Felt, please feel free to visit his website,

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E34 Serving with Mind and Body: Let's Talk Military and Mental Health with LTJG Michaela White

Whether you come from a military family, are enlisted yourself, have a friend in the service, or simply support the troops, this episode is for you. We sat down with Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) Michaela White, a Public Affairs Officer in the United States Navy to hear about her experience in the Navy and how her experience has come to intersect with her advocacy for mental health. Michaela also volunteers with Patrol Base Abbate as their volunteer marketing director.

To further connect with Michaela, you can find her on Instagram at @michaela.white3, and to find more about Patrol Base Abbate and how to get involved, you can visit their Instagram, @pbabbate or their website,!

The views and opinions presented here do not represent the views of DoD.

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E33 We're All Losers with Dr. Josh Gonsher

Loss in life is inevitable. Whether it be a monumental loss, such as the loss of a parent, or a smaller loss, like dropping the coffee you were really looking forward to - loss is part of the human condition. On this episode, we sat down with CBT Baltimore's psychologist, Dr. Josh Gonsher, to get his take on the various types of losses we experience throughout our lives, and just how to approach them. If it's one thing that's true, we are all losers, and it's not a bad thing.

To further connect with Josh, you can email him at [email protected], or visit our website to learn more about him!

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E32 Is Sleep Overrated? with Dr. Jade Wu

When you chose to listen to this episode, chances are you are curious to know what I think we all want to know - is sleep really overrated? Do we actually need that golden 8 hours a night to get through the day? Or can you sustain getting less sleep by making up for it with your favorite coffee or energy drink? In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Jade Wu to hear all about the do's and don't's of sleep hygiene, getting enough sleep each night, and sleep routines. Although this episode is about sleep, we guarantee it's intriguing enough to keep you from yawning or nodding off while listening at your desk, in the park, or in your favorite chair ;)

Dr. Jade Wu PhD, DBSM, is Board-certified sleep psychologist, researcher, and speaker. Dr. Wu’s research focuses on treating sleep disorders in those with chronic illness. To connect with Dr. Wu, you can visit her website,, follow her on Instagram @dr_jade_wu, and keep an eye out for her book, Hello Sleep, coming in February 2023.

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E31 How Parenting Changes Us with Eli Weinstein

A few episodes prior we discussed the journey to creating a family, along with the ups and downs that may come with it. But what happens once you become a parent? In a literal split second, your life completely changes and suddenly, you are now the caretaker of a new life. Today, we sat down with Eli Weinstein, LCSW, to discuss how parenting changes us, and who we become as a result of our new role as "mom" or "dad".

To connect with Eli, you can visit his website,, follow him on Instagram at @eliweinstein_lcsw, and check out his podcast, The Dude Therapist, streaming anywhere you find your favorite podcasts!

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E30 Should we stay or should we go? The Ups & Downs of Moving, with Shaya Sussman

Moving, whether it is down the block, a few states away, or in our most recent guest's cases, to another country, can be quite the experience to say the least. Packing up years worth of memories to, in a sense, start over somewhere new can bring up both positive and negative emotions for those moving, and those with whom we have made connections with in the town or city we are moving away from. Today we were joined by our friend and colleague, Shaya Sussman, to hear about his experience in moving his family to Israel. Shaya very candidly and wish a dash of humor shared all about the ups and downs associated with such a big step.

You can connect with Shaya via Instagram (@shaya_sussman_lcsw) or his website,

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E29 So you want to start a family? with Dr. Colleen Reichmann

The term "family" takes many on forms, but the most common we hear about comes when two individuals decide they want to have children. For some, it comes quite easy. But others hit many roadblocks, wrong turns, and detours along the way. For our guest on this episode, she and her husband began the journey to starting a family, only to find out it wasn't going to be as easy as she once thought.

We were joined by Dr. Colleen Reichmann (, a licensed clinical psychologist and mental health advocate, to hear about her journey through fertility treatments that finally allowed her to start the family she's always dreamed of. Colleen talks candidly and openly about the roadblocks, and the moments that were downright heartbreaking. Most importantly, she talks about having hope, which is something we could all use a little more of these days.

To connect with Colleen, you can follow her on Instagram @drcolleenreichmann, or send her an email at [email protected].

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E28 Is it Lonely at the Top? with Rabbi Yisrael Motzen

No matter what denomination you associate with, we all know that those in clergy positions have tremendous responsibility to serve their communities. This week, we sat down with Rabbi Yisrael Motzen of Ner Tamid Congregation. Since joining his synagogue in 2012, Rabbi Motzen has introduced many Torah classes, youth programs, special events, and holiday programs.

You can connect with Rabbi Motzen via email at [email protected].

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