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E19 The wonderfully complex brain with Elchanan Schwarz

What is the aftermath of the brain getting compromised?

1 year ago

The brain is fascinating, to say the least! It's so unique and individual for each of us. It holds our pattern of thinking. It is the nerve center for everything that we do. It influences our emotions and personalities. It is both powerful and sensitive. Also, as much as we have advanced in our knowledge of it, we still haven’t scratched the surface.

So what happens if it becomes compromised? Even that is so unique because each person is impacted differently. It can depend on how and which portion of it becomes compromised. Whether you're a layperson or professional we welcome you into our conversation with an expert who navigates families on their journey after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). You may be surprised what falls into that category.

We hone in on the mental health aspect and explore the experience of the individual and their loved ones, as they navigate a new reality. As always, we are grateful for your support whether it be subscribing, sharing, reviewing, or painting your chest with our logo and streaking at a post-COVID sports game. We appreciate you 😊. Shmuel

Mental health is everywhere. Period. The human experience; work, hobbies, interests, entertainment, challenges, relationships etc. is unique and seen through our own individual 'lenses'. Take a journey through these experiences together with a mental health professional (me!), his dry wit, and guests from across the landscape of everyday life he convinced to join him as they have candid conversations- all through the lens of mental health. Almost like you do...but recorded. No corn or dads were harmed during production. Obvious statement: Listening to this podcast, while meaningful and entertaining, does not come close to replacing professional support. Please feel encouraged to seek proper care if you are struggling. Please do not take us super seriously...we don't :) We can always be reached at