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E23 Rolling with the Punches with Ed Latimore

1 year ago

Throughout life, we meet individuals at our favorite coffee shop, or in a class we’ve taken, or even mailing a card at your local post office. What do all of these things have in common? Well, each of those people have things that make them unique, that make them stand out from those around them.

This week, we sat down with Ed Latimore, a former professional heavyweight boxer whose life started in the projects of Pennsylvania, which then eventually led him to pursue a degree in physics, develop an interest in chess, and lead a life of practicing stoicism. This episode really packs a lot of punches into one. The best place to find him is at and all SM platforms.

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Shmuel Fischler LCSW-C

Mental health is everywhere. Period. The human experience; work, hobbies, interests, entertainment, challenges, relationships etc. is unique and seen through our own individual 'lenses'. Take a journey through these experiences together with a mental health professional (me!), his dry wit, and guests from across the landscape of everyday life he convinced to join him as they have candid conversations- all through the lens of mental health. Almost like you do...but recorded. No corn or dads were harmed during production. Obvious statement: Listening to this podcast, while meaningful and entertaining, does not come close to replacing professional support. Please feel encouraged to seek proper care if you are struggling. Please do not take us super seriously...we don't :) We can always be reached at